Support As It Should Be

We’re in this together.

Creating this show takes a ton of work. I research each guest to make sure we can hear stories that will help us in our journey of understanding other people’s experiences. Once I finally secure and interview our guests, then comes the long process of editing and promoting the episodes.

One day I hope to be able to do things like secure sponsors and host events, but right now I’m still just a single human. 

I could really use some help. I’d love to be able to get an assistant to either help with editing or promotion. That would help a lot in getting the show out more consistently and do some of the other community building work I’d like to do around the show.

If you want to help me do that, please consider either sending me a coffee for however much you can or becoming a patron for $3 or $10 month.

Patrons get the perks

If you become a patron you’ll get episodes 3-5 days early, videos of the interviews, and access to the interview schedule to know what guests are coming up next; submit questions or watch live to call into the show and ask questions!