3: Curating Experiences That Create Systemic Change with Neal Ludevig (he/him)

In this episode Neal (he/him) and Thamarrah (she/her) discuss:

  • curating spaces that foster conversation to enable systemic change
  • how to shift your mindset to move from ‘problematic savior’ to ‘ally’ to accomplice

Neal Ludevig

Neal Ludevig is a producer, curator, and artist based in Harlem, NY. Neal is the founder of Moon31, a company that creates experiences that bring people together in innovative ways, through the Arts, Entertainment, and Media.

  • Work with Moon31 
  • Watch INSOMNIA, a new dark comedy series about Nikhil – a queer, Indian American going through an identity crisis.  Through his adventures, he explores his sexuality, experiences euphoria, deals with racism, and suffers with loneliness – all while trying to get a good night’s rest!
  • Join the waitlist for Snarky Elephant Productions, which is creating content exploring underrepresented human experience

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