26: Protect Your Family Online with Joe Miller, Esq. (he/him)

In today’s episode Thamarrah (she/her) and Joe (he/him) discuss the role legislators play in protecting us online and how we can stay informed about the policy changes that dictate what tech companies can and cannot do with our data.

Resources mentioned: 5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Kids Safe Online


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Guest Profile

Joseph Shepherd Miller, Esq.

Joseph Miller, a light skinned Black man wearing a navy blue suit, while collard shirt, with a white pocket stuffer smiling

Joseph Shepherd Miller, Esq. is the Founder, President, CEO, and Founding Board Chair of The Washington Center for Technology Policy Inclusion (WashingTech). WashingTech advocates for diversity and inclusion in technology public policymaking, making a positive impact in the lives of thousands of families. Joe is the host of Tech Policy — a top show offering practical and actionable advice to protect yourself and your family from online safety threats. Joe resides with his wife and two daughters in Northern Virginia

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