24: Facing our history to shape our future with Kimberly Latrice Jones (she/her)

Kimberly Jones (she/her) reminds us that as much as the future we have tomorrow is decided by the actions we take today, so to are we living in the present those that came before us fought for and survived through for us to have. In this episode Kimberly joins Thamarrah to discuss how learning from the pursuits and strategies of our ancestors can help guide our path towards justice today.
In 2020, a video of Kimberly speaking on an Atlanta Street went viral after the murder of Ahmaud Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd ignited civil unrest. In just 6 minutes she captivated masses by capturing the economic struggles of Black people in America.
In her book How We Can Win, she explores the influence America’s history with racial disparity has on our lives today and delivers strategies for how we can effect change while nurturing ourselves in the process.
This is part 1 of a 2 part episode.

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Guest Profile

Kimberly Latrice Jones

Kimberly Latrice Jones, a Black woman with ombre Black and purple hair wearing a black jacket with white faux fur inside and a black shirt.

Kimberly Latrice Jones (she/her) is an American author and filmmaker, known for the New York Times bestselling young adult novel, I’m Not Dying With You Tonight and for the viral video How Can We Win published during the George Floyd protest. The book was a finalist for an NAACP Image Award in 2020. That same year, a seven-minute video featuring Kim using a Monopoly analogy to explain the history of racism and its impact on Black Americans went viral, being shared by Trevor Noah, LeBron James, Madonna, and more. The viral video was featured on shows like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. She has subsequently signed an overall deal with Warner Brothers via her production company Push Films with her partner DeWayne “Duprano” Martin. 

She resides in Atlanta and is the proud mother of a gifted boy. She lives for wigs and nail art, as her style icons are Dolly Parton, Chaka Khan, and Diana Ross.

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