23: My Culture’s Not Your Punchline with Sandhya Jain Patel (she/her)

Culture is so deeply personal that when you see it reflected back at you in a way that’s gimmicky or stereotypical or just downright racist it’s impossible to not take that personally. Which is why we expect creators of these productions to actually care enough to try to get it right. Sandhya Jain Patel (she/her) joins the show to discuss what it looks like to get cultural inclusion right.

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Guest Profile

Sandhya Jain Patel

Sandhya, a brown-skinned south Asian woman smiling while wearing a black sweater over a white shirt and a gold and black necklace.

Sandhya (she/her) is a passionate DEI professional and cultural producer. She provides a full range of cultural competency services to the entire life cycle of her clients’ projects.

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