22: Defund Forced Labor in Supply Chain Production with Fatimah Walee (she/her)

Do you know where the products you own come from? Not where you bought them, but was the person who picked the tomatoes in your tomato paste given fair wages, regular breaks, and adequate water? Was child labor used to create anything you own? It’s impossible to answer those questions when companies just won’t supply the info. In this episode, Fatimah Walee (she/her), Founder & CEO of Neuterra, joins to help us get some answers. 

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Guest Profile

Fatimah Walee

Fatimah, a Black woman with dark brown hair, glasses, and sun shining on her face is smiliing in front of a luscious green bush

Fatimah Walee (she/her) is an intersectional environmentalist fueled by coffee and sunshine. 

Fatimah is Founder & CEO of Neuterra a Black-owned, women-owned, and Muslim-owned ethical online marketplace. From the first kilometer to the last mile, Neuterra provide the traceability story for each product sold. They connect bold + smart indie brands (read: independent, purpose driven, and design conscious) who have transparent supply chains with consumers that care about the truth. Neuterra empowers consumers to make data-driven buying decisions every time they shop.

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