16: Critique the Stories that Shape Us with F.D Signifier (he/him)

We don’t take the critical eye to our film and tv as often and as deeply as is needed. The level of influence that they have on how we not only see ourselves but the stories we believe about other people, requires that we take a step back. 

In today’s episode, Thamarrah is joined by F.D Signifier (he/him). During our conversation I learned so much about Fiq’s upbringing and how that shaped him, but we also get into a conversation about how the portrayal of Black men specifically has impacted how WE as a society behave towards them, what we expect from them, and how THEY navigate the world as a result.

Guest Profile

F.D Signifier

Pronouns: he/him

Fiq Signifier is a YouTube Video Essayist and Educator analyzing and reviewing Black media.

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