11: Create Communities Where The Fullness of Who You Are Matters with Grace Ouma-Cabezas (she/they)

In this episode, Grace Ouma-Cabezas (she/they) & Thamarrah (she/her) discuss:

👉🏾 managers helping employees thrive

👉 centering diverse people and experiences in marketing

👉🏿 building a career as a Black woman in corporate

👉🏼 and so much more

Grace Ouma-Cabezas

Grace Ouma-Cabezas is the VP of Growth Marketing at TheSkimm and the Founder of FIELD, a storytelling platform for professionals of color to share our real work experiences.
Grace is the Co-Host is one of my favorite new podcasts The Diversity Illusion, where 2 NYC professionals (and sometimes their guests) have discussions on being black and brown in the workplace.
Connect with Grace on LinkedIn or follow @OurField on Instagram

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